How to Pick the Best Solar Power System

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It is an exciting time to move forward with the installation of solar panels on your home.  The price of solar has gone down and there is still a 30% Federal Tax Credit available.  Many homeowners may feel overwhelmed at the many decisions they think are needed to be made before a solar installation can be done.  Your solar contractor can help streamline the process and answer all of your solar questions. During this process, it is essential to consider your goals and receive expert advice, so that you can choose the solar power system that will work best for your family and your energy needs.New Day Solar Complete Logo w InstallingPPT

Choose a Reliable Solar Panel Installation Contractor

Don’t make the mistake of trying to find the right products yourself or figure out the technical details for a do-it-yourself installation on your home. Instead, the best solution is to hire a solar contractor who can help guide your decisions and streamline the entire process.

At New Day Solar, we are experts at installing quality solar equipment. The combination of top-notch materials and experienced installation means that you will have a high-quality solar electric system when we are done. You will also have a 10 year Contractor workmanship warranty, in addition to the 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Installing the Solar Panels on Your Home

Solar panels cannot be installed just anywhere on your roof or property. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your solar modules, then you need to be selective about the installation location. One of our team members can evaluate your home and make recommendations about where the panels should be installed for optimal performance.

The advantage to hiring our team at New Day Solar is that we will listen to you and custom design a solar system for your home, without high powered sales tactics.  Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal and our 28 years of expertise will ensure that you have a high-quality solar system installed at your home.

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