How Daily Choices Accumulate to Impact Climate Change

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As one individual in a world of over seven billion people, it might seem like your daily energy choices are small compared to the bigger picture. Due to the majority of the population having this mindset, it’s easy to understand why we are now having to deal with global warming and other environmental issues that are facing each of us today. If we are going to protect the environment, then it is essential that every person takes responsibility for their part in climate change.Climate Change

Even though it feels like our lifestyle choices are not significant compared to things like car emissions or oil extraction, there are things that we can do to play a part in slowing climate change.

Cumulative Effect of Daily Choices

The truth is, our daily choices add up over time. Switching on the light might seem like a trivial thing, but when we do it hundreds of times a month, it accumulates to quite a bit of energy usage. Every small decision that we make throughout the day adds up to create our carbon footprint. Energy usage comes from every factor in our life, including the things that we eat and how we live.

If we aren’t proactive with our energy usage, then it means that we are a part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. There are a few small things that we can do if we want to take a stand and reduce our energy consumption.

Use the Right Tools to Manage Energy Usage

Reducing our carbon footprint is easy, and it doesn’t mean that we need to sit at home in the dark or keep the air conditioner off on a hot summer day. Upgrading to LED lights, motion sensors, or even variable speed pumps on our pools can help to reduce our energy usage.

Solar panels offer a great solution because they provide renewable energy throughout the year. When the energy is coming from the sun instead of the utility companies, we can live our normal lifestyle without impacting the environment.  Solar is more affordable than ever, and there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit available for the purchase of solar electric systems.  Of course, paying cash up front for a solar electric system is the most affordable way to purchase, but since you are already paying a monthly payment for your electricity, why not take advantage of a lower energy payment through a 12-year solar loan with 0 down.   The solar modules are warranted by the manufacturer for 25 years, so once the solar loan is paid for, the electricity that your solar electric system produces will be free for the life span of the solar system.  You would own your solar system and would no longer have to worry about the increasing electricity rates from the utility company.

Other solutions might include buying an electric car, choosing locally grown food, reducing waste, and reducing air travel.

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