How to Detect a Mouse In the House

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Mice in the house are a problem. One that simple mousetraps may not be able to solve. Sure, you may be able to catch one, but what if that’s one of many?  Would you be able to tell? Not everyone can. If you suspect mice are running loose in your home, here are several things to watch for:

  • Gnawing and Chew Marks – Pantries and storage closets are notorious attractions for unwanted rodents. If you see evidence of chewing or gnawing on food boxes or bags, you need to act quickly.
  • Droppings – Mice poop is a dark brown or black color, similar in shape and size to a rice kernel. You’ll likely notice them along baseboards, behind boxes, along the back wall of a cabinet or cupboard, or inside a drawer.
  • Urine Spots and Trails – Mice are territorial creatures. They use urine to draw lines and claim their turf. You may see drops of urine in a line or a small cluster mound of dirt and gunk soaked with urine.
  • Nests – Look for a cozy mouse nest made of fuzzy piling of soft material, such as grass or paper. You’ll find them in a dark corner or obscure place. Look in areas such as behind an appliance, in a wall, inside a piece of hollow furniture, etc.
  • Listen Close – If you hear the scurrying pitter-patter of small feet in the quiet of the night, you may have a mouse problem in the house. Other noises may include scratching sounds.
  • Alert Pets – A dog or cat may act strangely attentive and stir crazy when a mouse is in the house. Pay attention to what their highly tuned senses are telling you.

Why it’s Best to Call a Pro Pest Control Service

A single mouse may be no problem to handle, but if you have more than one, or a pattern of infestation, you’ll likely need help to get the root of the problem. A professional pest control team can rid your home of these pests, and help you to identify possible points of entry they are using to get in. If you’ve got a mouse problem, call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697 for assistance.