Seasonal Changes: The Optimal Time for Pest Control

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Like all living things, pests are always looking to get their needs met. First and foremost, they need food and shelter. As the seasons change, bugs and critters will roam to find a place that will meet these basic survival requirements. Often times, their migration will lead them into your house!

It depends on the season and cycle of their short lives, but regardless, pest patterns of movement are very much affected by the change of seasons. As a home or property owner, you can take advantage of this knowledge and prepare your home to keep the insect population from moving in. Here are some seasonal pest patterns to note:

Spring Season

As the chill of the colder months starts to fade, many hibernating bugs will wake and migrate outside to feed and search for mates. Their increased activity will be evident both inside and outside your home.

Summer Season

During the summer, bugs are generally less common indoors, but they are alive and well outside in our yards and green spaces. Mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flies, beetles, and spiders can become an annoyance to outdoor activities around our homes.

Autumn Season

Fall is when all creepy crawly bugs and flies are on the move, looking for a place to ride out the cooler weather that is coming. You’ll often see an increase of insects in your home as they seek out shelter and food options.

Winter Season

Many pests will hibernate when colder weather approaches, but not all. Some critters will crawl indoors if they can. Wasps, bees, or other stinging insects may try to shelter in the eaves of your roofline. Cockroaches, spiders, and mice may try to survive the winter by finding a way into your house, including the garage and basement. You can prepare in the fall to prevent pests from moving into your home during the cooler months.

If you’ve noticed a pest problem in or around your home, call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697 for a professional consultation and treatment. Our team of technicians knows what to do in every season.