Is a Vacuum Strong Enough to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

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If you know anything about bed bugs, you know that it is essential to act fast to reduce the spreading of these pests through your home. When it comes to controlling bed bugs, you need to be proactive in not only getting rid of the visible bugs, but also treating the whole house to target their eggs as well.

Where Did the Bed Bugs Come From?

These bugs often come into a home by catching a ride on clothing, suitcases, or fabric items. When you visit a hotel or another home with a bed bug infestation, then the bugs can move onto your personal items and hitchhike their way back to your living space.

Bed bugs feed on blood, so they often choose their location near the bed to feed on humans at night. These small pests can hide in the fibers of the carpet, the cracks of your mattress, and between the sheets.

Treatment for a Bed Bug Problem

It might seem like a simple solution to pull out the vacuum when you realize that there is a bed bug problem. But your standard vacuum won’t be enough to eliminate the infestation! Here are a few reasons why you can’t get rid of bed bugs with a vacuum:

  • Hiding Spots: Vacuums can only reach limited areas, such as the carpet or anywhere you can use the hose. The problem is that bed bugs hide in the tiniest areas where the vacuum can’t reach, such as within the box spring and mattress, near the inside folds, tufts, and buttons.
  • Eliminate Eggs: Even if you can capture a few bed bugs with the vacuum, you are still leaving the eggs behind. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and a vacuum isn’t sufficient enough to get rid of these eggs.
  • Living in the Vacuum Cleaner: Capturing the bed bugs in the vacuum doesn’t ensure that these pests are killed. In fact, bed bugs can live for up to six months without food and they don’t need water. They can survive in the vacuum, and will likely crawl out and reinfest your home.

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