How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

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When setting dinner plates around the table for a Thanksgiving feast, you want to enjoy the meal with loved ones – without worrying about pests interrupting your celebrations. Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your blessings and gratitude, giving you time to build relationships with your loved ones.

As you are preparing a feast with a big turkey, stuffing, potatoes, casseroles, pies, and more, the crumbs and leftovers could be leaving a feast for insects and rodents as well. Don’t let a pest infestation overtake your holidays. Follow these tips to prevent pest issues during Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

Clean Up During and After the Meal

Even if you are feeling exhausted after cooking a big meal, make sure to have a little energy left for the cleanup. It’s common for small bits of food to drop on the floor, bringing in pests looking for a meal. Additionally, dirty dishes left in the sink can also attract pests. Load the dishwasher, wipe the counters, and do a quick sweep of the floor to avoid pest issues.

Proper Food Storage

Even if you like to leave the pies out so everyone can continue nibbling through the evening, be wise about the way the leftovers are being stored. Use proper food storage containers, such as glass or airtight Tupperware. Also, get rid of any remaining scraps by taking the garbage out to the bin.

Outdoor Maintenance

As the weather is cooling down, there is a higher risk of pests moving inside. Avoid breeding grounds for pests in the yard, such as old wood piles, unkempt lawns, or debris in the yard. In addition to cleaning up the landscaping, check doors and windows to see if any gaps need to be caulked to keep the pests out.

Call for Pest Control Services

If you notice any signs of pests this holiday season, rest assured, knowing that our team is still working! Call at your convenience to schedule pest control services. We will come to your home to implement the best and safest strategies to get ahead of the problem before you are dealing with an infestation. Contact Riche’s Termite and Pest Service to learn about available services: (951) 233-7697.