Pest Control Tips for Christmas Trees (Live & Artificial)

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When you bring home holiday cheer in the form of a live Christmas tree, it can be disappointing to find a pest infestation in the tree. But did you know that pest control concerns can also be a problem with fake trees as well?

Regardless of the type of tree you are putting up in your home, here are a few tips to help you keep the critters out of your living space:

Pest Control Tips for Real Christmas Trees

The fresh scent of pine is lovely at Christmas time, but one of the drawbacks of a live Christmas tree is that you might bring pests into your home. Insects, spiders, and even mice might be hiding inside the branches. Sometimes, the bugs are dormant in the cold weather, then they become active when your tree comes into the warm temperature inside.

Before bringing your tree inside, shake it vigorously outside. Not only will you knock out any bugs and eggs, but you can also get rid of loose needles. Perform a thorough inspection looking for aphids, spiders, or any other types of pests.

Pest Control Tips for Fake Christmas Trees

If you have an artificial tree, then it’s possible that pests moved into the branches when the tree was in storage for 11 months of the year. Most homeowners keep their trees in a crawlspace, attic, or basement, and the tree is the perfect place for bugs to lay eggs and nest.

The way you store the Christmas tree makes all the difference for pest control. Make sure you are storing the tree in a sealed storage solution, such as a container or a plastic bag. Also, open the artificial tree outside to shake it out and check for bugs before bringing it into your living space.

Never Spray Chemicals on Your Tree

It doesn’t matter what type of tree you have in your home: it’s never a good idea to spray pest control products on the tree directly. Not only can these chemicals be harmful to your family when used incorrectly, but they could potentially increase the risk of a fire because you put flammable ingredients on the dry tree.

Call the Pest Control Experts

If you notice any type of pest issue in your home, relating to your Christmas tree or something else, then the best solution is to call for professional pest control services. Riche’s Termite and Pest Service is here to help: (951) 233-7697.