How Long Will a Solar Power System Last?

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Will you receive the long-term benefits that you desire from a solar system installation? We often have new customers ask one common question: how long will my solar panels last?

Home Features that Will Last for Years

Our world is focused on a throw-away society, where people are always upgrading to the latest and greatest technology that is available. Even quality phones and laptops seem disposable, and these items are often replaced after just a few years of use.

Just because technology has been around for a while, doesn’t mean that every piece of equipment needs to be regularly upgraded. Solar panels offer an investment that will last for many years. These products are built for the long-haul. So, you don’t need to worry about installing a new system in a few years.

This equipment is free of the common technology parts that tend to have problems: motherboards, digital processors, fans, pumps, or flywheels. Since there aren’t many moving parts, you don’t need to stress about wear and tear or the equipment needing a lot of maintenance. The solar panels just sit there and make power for your home or office.

Long-Term Energy for Your Home

Even the old, outdated solar panels that were installed many years ago are still producing electricity in a fairly efficient manner. Depending on the type of solar panel that is installed, the equipment can work for 25 – 30 years (or more)!  Most all of the solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. These products are designed to last for decades, helping to reduce waste.

The solar panels that are installed today are built to be even better than ever. They are more efficient compared to older models, lighter weight, and designed with the best technology to power your home.

Keep in mind that solar panels can lose efficiency over the years. It is estimated that performance drops by approximately .5% each year. But, this loss in efficiency is so minimal that the panels can still be used 30 years later.

When you understand the long-term benefits, it is easy to see why solar power is an excellent choice for your home. When you have a solar system installed at your home or office, you can enjoy the benefits for many years.

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