Add Solar Power to Improve Property Value

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Your home is a financial asset to the family, giving you equity that can be used to purchase another property in the future when you are ready to sell. Many homeowners are looking for affordable solutions that will boost their property value. The real estate market is strong right now, which means that a few small changes can go a long way to help you maximize equity.

If you are comparing the ROI of home improvement projects, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of a solar power installation. Not only will you experience immediate financial benefits in the form of reduced cost of electricity, but you will be able to get a higher asking price for your home, when it is time to sell.

Cost of Solar Installation is Dropping

The cost of residential solar systems are dropping as technology advances. At the same time, home prices are on the rise. This combination creates the perfect environment for you to cash in the equity in your real estate investment.

The numbers vary depending on the type of solar power system you have, the value of your home, and the location of the property. A home with a solar power system will most likely sell for more than a comparable property in the area without solar.  A home for sale with no electric bill, is attractive to most buyers.

One factor that needs to be considered is the amount that is owed on the solar system. For example, if you are selling your home while making monthly payments on the solar system, you will normally have to pay the system off. So, those numbers will be factored into the value of the home.

Maximize Your ROI

If you want to boost the ROI of your home improvement projects, then you might want to look into having a solar system installed. Don’t make the mistake of attempting a DIY project! Instead, lean on the expertise of the leading team in the area. We work hard to offer competitive prices, without sacrificing the quality of your solar installation.

Learn more about the financial benefits of solar power by talking to our team at New Day Solar. We will schedule a free, in-home consultation to discuss the benefits of solar and design a solar system that meets your family’s energy needs. Call us at (855) 444-6329 or visit us at