Pros and Cons of Installing a Solar Power System

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There are advantages and disadvantages to various renovation projects for your home. Before you invest in these features, you need to consider the benefits that are available for your family. Here are some of the pros and cons that you can expect if you choose solar power for your property:

Pro: Solar Installation is a Financial Investment

A properly installed solar electric system at your home is a financial investment that will reduce or eliminate what you pay for electricity.  Since you are already making a payment for electricity each month to your utility company, why not take out a 0 down, 12 year loan and purchase a solar electric system. The loan payments are typically the same or lower than what you are currently paying each month for electricity, depending on the system size and the solar panels have a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.  There is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit available when you have a solar electric system installed at your home.  Solar is one of the few home improvement projects that will typically not only improve the resale value of your home, but also will pay for itself along the way in the form of reduced electricity bills.

Con: Solar Panels Don’t Work at Night

You need direct sunlight to generate power through your solar system. So, solar panels aren’t useful at night or on a rainy day. If your solar electric system is connected to the grid, your home can use the grid energy during the night to power your home. Excess electricity is fed back into the grid during the daytime hours, if you are generating more electricity than you are using in your home, which will give you credits that can be used to cover the cost of nighttime electricity. Another option is to install a home battery storage system, although this feature can run up the cost of your solar installation.

Pro: Solar Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Solar technology is a proven method to create clean energy from the sun, helping to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar panels are recognized as an important part of the future of clean energy. You can stay ahead of these trends by doing your part right now to minimize your carbon footprint as much as possible and help leave a cleaner planet for future generations.

Con: DIY Isn’t an Option for Solar Installation

Even though you may enjoy working on projects at home, it is best to pay a professional team to help with your solar installation. Letting the experts handle the installation will ensure the performance and durability of the system. With a well-designed solar electric system, you will know that your system will capture the optimal amount of sunlight, helping to eliminate or reduce the cost of your electric bill.  It is worth the investment to hire a professional installation team!

As you learn more about the benefits of solar, you will see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For more information about the pros and cons of a solar installation, talk to the experts at New Day Solar. They have been installing solar electric systems for 30 years and will give you honest answers to all of your solar questions.

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