What Does It Mean if the Pipes are Rattling?

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It can be startling to hear the pipes rattling in your home, and many people are worried that the sound indicates a major problem with the plumbing system. Just because the pipes are making sounds, doesn’t mean that you have an emergency. But, it is a good idea to talk to a plumber about repairs that will eliminate the noises.

Why the Pipes are Rattling

If you hear a rattling noise in the pipes, it is often called a “water hammer” effect. The noise happens when the water motion suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, or it changes the direction of flow in the pipes.

How to Stop Rattling Pipes

Do you hear the water hammer effect in your home? Several things can be done to stop the noise. The first option is to insulate the pipes. Try wrapping the noisy pipes with a blanket or towel to see if it helps. If you notice a difference in the noise, then you might consider having professional insulation installed on the pipes.

Another option is to recharge the water supply, which changes the volume of air in the pipes. As the air supply goes up, it helps the water to flow freely. Then, the water can move without a problem. You can have a plumber help with this recharge, or you can try a DIY approach:

  1. Turn off the main valve for the water supply in your home.
  2. Open all the faucets, including the kitchen and bathrooms
  3. Next, turn on the main valve and the faucets will start running
  4. Finally, turn off the faucets one at a time

As you are turning off the faucets, make sure to start with the at the faucets located at the bottom of the home. Then, work your way up to the top floor. If this DIY solution doesn’t work to stop the rattling noises, then the next step is to schedule an appointment with a local plumber.

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