Schedule an HVAC and Plumbing Tune-Up Before Holiday Guests Show Up

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Whether you are hosting guests for an afternoon Thanksgiving dinner or you will have people staying for a few nights, it is important that your home is comfortable and ready for hosting. A quick HVAC inspection and tune-up will ensure that you can create an inviting environment to share with friends and family.

Cooling the House While Preparing the Feast

Thanksgiving is a festive holiday with many traditions and delicious food. If you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, then it is essential that you have the option to cool down the house as needed. Many people have the oven running all day to bake the turkey, pies, casseroles, and rolls. So, the kitchen will probably be the hottest room in the house.

If you don’t keep up with air conditioning maintenance, then you might run into a sticky situation to have the air go out while you are baking. These problems can be avoided if you stay current with maintenance and schedule a quick inspection before the holiday.

Functioning Bathrooms and Showers

When a lot of people are over, the bathrooms will be used more frequently than normal. This added pressure on the pipes could lead to leaks or plumbing problems.

Inspect your guest bathrooms right now to see if anything needs to be fixed. Make sure that the toilets flush without a problem. Also, check to see if the pipes are leaking or dripping. Turn on the shower to ensure that the drains are clear.

These minor bathroom issues might seem small, but they will impact the experience people have in your home. You want to be a good host, which means that you need to keep up with the small details that will improve the comfort for the people who are staying in your guest room.

Don’t Delay Your Tune-Ups and Inspections

Your schedule will get busier as we approach Thanksgiving. So, right now is the best time of the month for these inspections. Our team is here to help with any plumbing or HVAC services that you need before the guests arrive. For more information, call Wells Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning at (951) 375-6856.