Myths and Facts about Pet Odor Removal in the Home

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It is common for families to consider pets to be another member of the family. These furry friends can provide comfort and joy in the home. But it can be frustrating to deal with pet odors, and these smells seem to be unavoidable when a cat or dog is living inside.

A search online will uncover many DIY recommendations for pet odor removal. It can be hard for homeowners to discern the truths from the myths. Follow these tips to find the best techniques for getting rid of the pet smells:

Myth: Store-Bought Pet Odor Eliminators Will Work

Fact: Cheap pet odor cleaning products are often made with ingredients that cover the smell initially, then result in a worse smell over time. Don’t pinch pennies when it is time to purchase cleaning products. The best results come from professional cleaning supplies.

Myth: Vinegar and Baking Soda Are All You Need

Fact: If you spend any time reading cleaning tips online, you’ll see that baking soda and vinegar are the go-to ingredient recommendations for natural home cleaning. There are situations where these ingredients are useful. But they don’t work for pet odor elimination. Sometimes the dampness of the vinegar can make the problem worse because it creates a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Myth: The Carpet isn’t Stained, So the Odor is Coming from Another Location

Fact: You don’t have to have a visible stain for an odor to be coming from the carpet. Don’t wait until the carpet looks unsightly. Instead, schedule regular carpet cleaning appointments to stay ahead of the odors before the stains appear.

Myth: Lint Rollers are the Best Way to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

Fact: Lint rollers can be helpful to pick up some of the hair. But hair, dandruff, and other debris from the animals can fall between the cracks and crevices of the furniture and flooring. The only way to get a thorough cleaning is with professional services.

If you are ready to eliminate the pet odors in your home, then it is time to call Scott Peterson at Home Perfect Carpet and Tile Cleaning. Contact our team to learn more about the carpet cleaning services that are offered: (951) 303-1333.