Prediction: Solar Will Be the Cheapest Power Resource in the US by 2030

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According to a recent report, solar prices will continue to decrease as solar panels increase in demand and popularity. It is predicted that we will see another 15-25% reduction in solar pricing by 2030, making it the cheapest energy source by then.

The Increasing Popularity of Solar Panels

Using natural resources from the sun is a no-brainer. The sun is giving away its energy for free! We should all want to use that energy to power our own homes. And many people are jumping on that bandwagon of thought.

With the demand for solar being more than the installation capacity, hundreds of homeowners are waiting in line for their chance to have control over their power needs. This rapid growth of demand has allowed companies to cut costs on solar supplies.

When you consider the amount of savings you will earn each month through your reduced electrical bill combined with protecting your home from an over-run power grid outage, you can see why solar energy is so popular. An added bonus is that you can help the power companies and earn rebates by saving them the energy needed to power your house.

What Obstacles Stand in the Way?

Solar seems unstoppable at this point. But something that may get in the way is the battery storage system for solar panels. Even without storage, solar panels are worth it and save a lot of money. But if you want to save energy up for outages and days where the sun doesn’t come out behind the clouds, adding batteries to your system is a wise choice.

Without affordable solar battery options, there could be a lot of energy that goes to waste. While you will still save money without battery storage, these battery storage options will optimize solar energy.

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