Solar Panels Require Minimal Maintenance Throughout the Years

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It can be a challenge to keep up with the home maintenance and repair list throughout the year. If you are considering installing solar panels, will this new equipment just add another thing you need to keep up with?

Rest assured knowing that solar panels require minimal maintenance on your part. Once a quality solar panel system is installed, you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy without having to worry about upkeep and repairs.

Solar Power Maintenance: What You Need to Know

When a quality solar power system is installed correctly, you will have little to no maintenance costs. Most solar power equipment has an average life of 25 – 30 years, with only a few small ongoing costs after installation.

The time and effort for maintenance vary, depending on your home’s location and the type of solar panels you are using. Examples of maintenance costs include:

  • Wire maintenance (for example, if a pest chews through the wire and it needs to be repaired)
  • Monitoring issues
  • Snow guards (in colder climates)
  • Communication between the system and the inverter
  • Cleaning (as needed, to ensure the panels aren’t blocked from the sun)

Solar Power Performance Through the Years

You can expect a residential solar power system to perform well for years, with minimal work on your part. It is expected for these panels to degrade in performance, usually around 1 – 2% annually. If the panels are dirty, then the energy output can be affected. If you notice that the performance of your panels isn’t where you think it should be, then it might be time to call an experienced team to assist with cleaning services.

Solar: A Good Investment for Your Home

Solar panels are low maintenance, making them an excellent investment for your home. You’ll have the initial investment to place the panels on your property. Then, you start enjoying the benefits of low-cost or free energy for years. There might be a few small costs in the future for maintenance, but most homeowners don’t have high out-of-pocket costs after the initial investment.

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