The Benefits of Senior In-Home Care

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iStock_000016219245_SmallAs we grow older, most of us inevitably face the prospect of needing specialized nursing care. Some of us also face making that choice for an elderly parent, sibling, or spouse. If you’re comparing your options between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, take the time to also consider the benefits of in-home care.

Stay at home. We often use the term “home sick” to describe that feeling we get in stressful or difficult situations. We just want to be at home, where we’re comfortable and everything is familiar. It’s no wonder that senior citizens often feel the same way, and are happier remaining in their homes as they grow older.

Greater independence and dignity. No one likes the feeling of being completely helpless and dependent upon others. In-home care helps seniors to maintain their independence.

Better healing. Many people find that they heal from traumatic injuries and illnesses better when they are in their own homes. In fact, medical evidence supports this idea.

Care is personalized. No one likes to feel like a number on a medical chart. In-home care is tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Greater family involvement. It’s easier for the patient’s family to stay involved when the patient remains at home. The family has greater access to the caregiver, who can teach the family how to care for their loved one.

Home care workers are dedicated professionals. For most home-care workers, providing in-home care is not just a job. It is their calling, and they derive joy from helping their patients live comfortable and healthy lives.

Home care helps seniors live longer, happier lives. In addition to feeling more comfortable at home, seniors who receive home care actually live longer (according to the U.S. General Accounting Office).

In-home care may be less expensive. Depending upon the level of care required, patients may find that in-home care costs only a fraction of the average nursing home.

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