Summer Safety Tips for Your Elderly Parents

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Happy senior woman tends the flowers in a hanging pot. There is a green background of blurred plants, and wooden outdoor chairs are visible in the lower right corner.

Now that summer has arrived, most people are joyously planning vacations, cookouts, and fun times with family or friends. Summer is just as much fun for the elderly population, but we should all remember that our parents and grandparents require a bit more care in extreme weather. Keep in mind the following summer safety tips, and keep your older loved ones safe.

Drink plenty of water. Older people are particularly prone to dehydration, so encourage them to drink more water as the weather heats up. You might consider purchasing a refillable water bottle, and instructing your loved one to fill it up at least twice per day. Keep in mind that water is the best beverage for preventing exhaustion and heat stroke, and that sugary soft drinks can actually make things worse!

Stay indoors. Remember that since older people are more sensitive to heat, this isn’t the time of year to plan lengthy outdoor activities. Encourage your relative to pursue indoor hobbies during the summer, at least during the hottest part of the day.

Dress appropriately for the weather. Of course, there will be times when the sun cannot be avoided. Remind your parent or grandparent to wear lightweight clothing, preferably in lighter colors. A wide-brimmed hat will keep the sun off their face, and sunblock can help to prevent sunburn.

Cool off after outdoor outings. When short outdoor excursions are necessary, help your loved one to cool off quickly afterward. A cool shower or bath is refreshing, and helps to bring their body temperature back down to normal.

Check in with your loved one more often. Since summer can be a dangerous time for senior citizens, remember to call and check up on your parent or grandparent more frequently. Make sure their air conditioning is working properly, and that they are remembering to take the preventive steps listed above. For more help with caring for your older loved ones, call Always Best Care at  (951) 375-4588.