Termite Inspection: Is it Necessary?

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Even though termites are small, they can cause big damage to a home when an infestation is left untreated. If termites start attacking your property, then it means that your home might no longer be safe and structurally sound.

Whether you suspect an infestation and need more information or you are preparing to buy a home, it’s smart to call a pest control expert for help with termite inspection. If our team finds any issues, then we offer immediate treatment solutions to eliminate the infestation.

In fact, many smart homeowners schedule annual inspections for maintenance. Finding potential pest control issues in the earliest stages is the best solution for preventing major expenses in the future.

Signs of Termite Infestation

When you hire a pest control company for termite inspection services, the experts are looking for different signs of an infestation. These signs might include one or more of the following:

  • Wood damage
  • Mud shelter tubes
  • Swarmers
  • Mud in construction joints
  • Wood in your landscape

For homeowners who don’t have experience in the pest control industry, their untrained eye might not spot these signs of termites. Typically, termites work from the inside out, which means the most obvious signs of an infestation aren’t apparent until there is major damage to the structure. So, it’s best to call a pest control expert for assistance with proactive termite inspections.

When to Schedule a Termite Inspection?

When is the best time to call the pros for a termite inspection on your home? Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners schedule these inspections:

  • Buying a Home: Make sure there isn’t any wood damage before you purchase a new property.
  • Selling a Home: Check for termite issues before listing your home on the market.
  • Annual Maintenance: Schedule preventive inspections once a year.
  • Signs of Infestation: If you see any signs of an infestation, then call for an inspection without delay.

Our team at Riche’s Termite and Pest Service is always here to help with full-service pest control support for your home. Not only will we inspect the property and identify an infestation, but we also treat the problem so your home is clean and comfortable. For pest control services in Temecula, call us at (951) 233-7697.