5 Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of the Home During the Summer

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You may notice that bugs come out to play in the summer more than at other times of the year. Most bugs are cold-blooded and seek hotter temperatures to keep them comfortable and thriving. Bugs multiply during the summer months and often find themselves inside their home.

Sometimes they are looking for a food source, water source, or wandered in by accident. It doesn’t matter why they are in your home; you want them out.

5 Tips for Keeping Bugs Out

Bugs are scary when they come up unexpectedly in your clean home. They carry germs and are creepy and crawly. No one wants bugs to find comfort inside the home. So what can you do?

  1. Remove the Food Source: Crumbs and little trails of food attract bugs. They know they can find comfort in your home because they will never run out of food. Keep your home clean and swept up so that bugs do not find their way inside while looking for food.
  2. Remove a Water Source: Standing water in a sink of dirty dishes or a drippy faucet will attract bugs. Try to fix any problems that present standing water for an unlimited water source for bugs.
  3. Keep Doors Closed: Kids running in and out of the house during the summer is a given. Try to keep the doors closed to prevent bugs from coming in. You will also keep your air conditioning costs low when the doors are closed during the day.
  4. Seal Up Cracks: If you open the windows in the summer, check the screens for holes that need repairing. Door seals should be reexamined each season to ensure they are closing airtight. Also, cracks in the foundation and corners of your flooring can serve as an entryway for unwanted bugs and pests.
  5. Call for Pest Control: You can make all the necessary preventions and still have unwelcome bugs in your house. Pest control services can take care of it for you. Keep bugs out with regular pest control services.

It’s time for a bug-free summer. Be sure to keep but out of your home by calling Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.