Buzz Off! Preventing and Managing Mosquito Infestations in Summer

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Mosquitos not only buzz around looking for people to terrorize, but they also lay eggs and multiply right there in your yard. How rude! The best thing you can do is create an environment in your backyard that is not pleasant for mosquitos to gather.

So how can you keep mosquitos from choosing your property? Here are a few natural ways to prevent mosquito infestations:

Eliminate Standing Water

After a storm, mosquitos surround your home, basking in the moist air and water sources. Do you pour out standing water around your yard after a rainstorm? Whether a garden bin or play bucket is the source of the water, mosquitos will find and love it. Make sure you rid your yard of standing water to keep mosquitos away.

Plant Fragrant Flowers

Marigolds and lavender have strong smells that mosquitos do not like. Plant these flowers around the perimeter of your home to detract mosquitos from choosing your yard. This natural way of warding off mosquitos can only help.

Bug Zappers

Keeping a bug zapper nearby can help you keep mosquitos away if you are outside. The zapper attracts the bugs and then zaps them to die. You can also set up zappers around the patio, but be sure that your guests do not accidentally run into them.

Citronella Candles

Light a few candles around the gathering area. Mosquitos do not like the smell of citronella, so this will help keep them away from your guests. Enjoy a nice night on the patio with a candle-lit atmosphere and calming smell, knowing you won’t be covered in mosquito bites throughout the evening.

Mosquitos are one of the worst summer pests. Enjoying a night outside is challenging if you have to lather yourself in sticky mosquito repellent. Do what you can to keep mosquitos away, and then reach out to the professionals if you are still bothered by the remaining mosquitos.

It’s time to enjoy summer evenings without mosquitos buzzing around. Our pest control services can make the backyard patio a desirable summer gathering spot again with mosquito services. Please call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.