Why are Pests a Bigger Problem in the Summer?

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Many families agree that summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Not only are the kids out of school and you can share fun memories together, but this season tends to be a bit more relaxed and comfortable.

But there is one notable drawback to summer: homeowners often notice increased pest activity. Why are you seeing more bugs and rodents during this season? Here are a few summer factors that help pests thrive:

1. Temperature Changes

Often, pest behavior changes based on seasons because of the temperature shifting that occurs. As the weather gets hotter, pests are looking for refuge from the intense heat. So, some pests will try to get indoors where it is cooler. When the temperature is changing, either hotter or colder, pests are more active because they are looking for the ideal place to nest.

2. Rain and Humidity

All pests need water for survival. As the rain increases and the humidity is higher compared to other times during the year, it creates favorable conditions for pest activity. Additionally, a lack of rain can also drive pests inside because they are looking for water sources.

3. Food Sources

Both insects and rodents are always on the hunt for food sources. As the grass and landscaping is thriving during the summer months, there is plenty of food for pests to feast on. As a result, the population can increase around your home, which also increases the risk of these pests moving inside because of the higher population.

4. Life Cycles

Cold blooded pests, such as reptiles and insects, are sensitive to weather patterns. Their life cycles are phased around the changing patterns because of temperature fluctuations. Typically, the most active stages of their lives are during the summer months. For example, during the summer it’s common for ant colonies to increase in size – the pests are reproducing rapidly to improve the likelihood that their colony will survive when it goes dormant during the cooler months.

Call for Summer Pest Control Services

If you are seeing more pests in and around your home, then it’s time to call for professional pest control services. Our team is here to help you enjoy a pest-free summer. Reach out to us for a freee estimate: Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.