The Benefits of Choosing Solar Energy During Coronavirus

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How has Coronavirus impacted your daily routine? If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you to work from home, then you are probably settling into a new routine with an office in your living space.

The current pandemic and economic uncertainty have many people feeling uncertain about what the future holds. As a result, it is a good time to re-evaluate how you are managing your cash flow while providing for the daily needs of your family.

Why Solar Energy with Battery Back-Up is Important

More than ever, the Coronavirus situation shows why every family should be prepared for disasters with food, water, paper products, pet food, medications, and other necessities.  It is also important to have solar with battery back-up in case the grid goes down.  Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you install solar on your home:

  • Conserve Your Cash: If you are one of the millions of people who has lost your income because of businesses closing down, then it’s important to do everything you can to conserve your cash. Having solar panels installed on your home can cut your overhead costs and allow you to enjoy the benefits of electricity without worrying about hundreds of dollars in utilities every month.
  • Lower Utility Costs: Now that you are spending more time at home, you can expect an increase in utility costs. Being home all day means that the lights will be on and your HVAC system will be used more. Plus, the kids will be contributing to electricity usage if they are out of school. These higher utility costs can help you see why a solar installation is essential. We would be happy to talk to you about options to install solar panels with a payment plan – we’ll help you see how the monthly payment can be lower than your utility bills. With 0 down, the payment is fixed each month for 12 years and you won’t have to worry about utility company increases.
  • Technology Conferencing: We care about our customers, employees and their families. Since we live in a digital age, we are doing business in a new way. This means that there are many ways to work through the details of having solar installed without the worry of COVID-19 exposure because of a face-to-face meeting. You can reach out to us for a phone or video conference consultation. It’s possible for us to design and give you a proposal for solar for your home all through a consultation through the computer with one of our solar consultants. The paperwork can all be done by docusign.  Our installers have been trained to follow CDC guidelines and abide by social distancing.

Solar Installation Options for Your Family

Since you are staying at home, you have time available to learn about the benefits of solar and battery back up with one of our solar experts. This unprecedented time can be a great opportunity to evaluate how you can be more prepared for uncertainty in the future. Schedule a video conferencing consultation with us at New Day Solar to learn more about your solar and/or battery back up options: (855) 444-6329 or you can visit us online at: Customer satisfaction is very important to each member of our team and we will always give you honest answers to your solar questions.