When is it Time to Visit an Optometrist?

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It is easy to take it for granted that you have good vision until something goes wrong with your eyes. Common eye diseases are treatable when they are diagnosed in the early stages. So, you should visit an eye doctor on a regular basis to detect potential signs of eye disease.

Even if you think that you have 20/20 vision, it is still important to visit an optometrist for an eye exam. These appointments can identify problems that could impact your vision, and treatments can be used before you have any symptoms.

Recommendations for Eye Exams

Most optometrists suggest that eye exams are needed every two years for people with good health. But, the frequency of exams should increase for people at a higher risk for eye disease:

  • Children with Risk Factors: Young children might need extra attention for their eyes if specific risk factors are present. Examples include premature birth, developmental delays, crossed eyes, complications during the pregnancy, and more. If the child wears eye glasses, then it is a good idea to have their eyes checked every year.
  • 61 Years or Older: People in this age range should have an eye exam every 1 to 2 years, based on the recommendations of your doctor.
  • Special Risks: If you have a high risk for certain eye diseases, then you might need to visit the eye doctor more often. For example, diabetes, previous trauma to the eyes, glaucoma, or any other diagnosis that can affect vision and require special treatment.

The best way to determine the right frequency for your eye exams is to talk to your eye doctor about your concerns. Your optometrist will make suggestions about the right frequency based on your individual circumstances.

Emergency Eye Care

If an accident occurs that impacts the eyes, then it is essential that you visit the eye doctor right away. Also, call for emergency eye care if you are experiencing unusual symptoms, such as a full or partial loss of vision, pain in the eyes, or anything else that seems unusual.

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