Vision Therapy: A Natural Alternative for ADHD Treatment

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As a parent, it can be overwhelming to choose the best treatment plan after your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Medication is a common option to help the child stay focused, but other natural remedies shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are trying to find the right treatment for your child, then it can be helpful to talk to a few experts in the healthcare industry.

Vision Therapy is one option that you might consider. Many children have benefited by using Vision Therapy to decrease the symptoms of ADHD.

Training the Brain with Vision Therapy

A treatment session for Vision Therapy involves more than just the eyes. These exercises also impact the brain and body. This method is a rehabilitative option to help with neurological function, which affects the visual controls and thought patterns.

The goal of these treatments is to teach the brain the correct way that the eyes should be used. As information is received through the eyes, then those details can be comprehended, and the person can react appropriately to the circumstances.

When someone is diagnosed with ADHD, there is often a problem that occurs in the way a reaction is formed to the information that is received. So, Vision Therapy can be an effective option to improve the connection between the eyes and brain to manage the response and symptoms.

Does Your Child Need Vision Therapy for ADHD?

Just because a child has 20/20 vision, it doesn’t mean that they are free of eye problems. Many times, children with ADHD have great eyesight. But, the problem lies in the way the information moves through the eyes to the brain.

Vision Therapy helps with exercises that impact eye function and movement. These treatments impact eye focusing, visual endurance, eye teaming, and eye alignment. With the right treatment program, it is possible to reduce the behaviors and symptoms that are connected with ADHD.

In fact, Vision Therapy is a great option for people of all ages, and both children and adults with ADHD have benefitted from these treatments. If you are interested in learning more, then you need to talk to Dr. Gio Venitelli and Dr. Katie Dugan of Temecula and Murrieta Creek Optometry. They offer two convenient office locations: Murrieta at (951) 600-9226 or Temecula at (951) 302-1331