Too Much Grease Can Damage a Garage Door

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If you know anything about garage door repair, then you understand that it is important to keep the tracks lubricated. Regular maintenance and care can help by extending the life of your garage door and improve daily performance. But, you need to stay proactive to keep up with the maintenance tasks when they are necessary.

Why the Garage Door needs to be GreasedToo Much Grease Can Damage a Garage Door

When the garage door moves up and down, the moving parts can create friction if there isn’t enough grease. Over time, the friction will wear down the parts and eventually cause damage to the garage door.

Grease can be applied to certain parts of the door to improve the function and maintain smooth movement. This grease should be applied to the rollers and hinges of the door, and some doors might need a little bit of grease in the tracks as well.

Choosing the Right Grease

When you go to the hardware store, you will see that there are different types of grease available. The best option is to choose a light lube that can be sprayed onto the moving parts. Look for formulas that are designed specifically for garage doors.

Often a different type of grease is needed for the opener rail, and you should look for a low-temperature grease for this part of your garage door.

How Often Should You Grease the Garage Door?

Generally, the recommendation is to grease the hinges, springs, rollers and tracks every 3 to 4 months. But, the rail should only be greased once a year.

Using the wrong type of grease, adding too much grease, or greasing the door too frequently can lead to problems. It is easy to assume that more grease is better, but it can lead to messes and stains because of the excess grease.

Do you feel like you need to lubricate your garage door too often? Then you might consider the benefits of a regular inspection to identify potential problems that might be occurring. Contact our experienced team here at Precision Garage Door Service for details about garage door repair and maintenance: (951) 331-3254