Ways Homeowners Can Benefit from Smart Technology for Garage Doors

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In the age of information, it seems like everything is being connected to the internet. From mobile devices to household appliances, smart technology applications are seemingly endless. The utility of connected devices can improve the product’s efficiency and performance, safeguard homes and belongings, and provide high levels of awareness to what is happening around us.

Many homeowners are finding value in using smart technology for their garage doors. Connecting the garage door to the internet makes it possible to monitor and control the door via your smart devices. This is handy when you’re away from home but can’t remember whether your garage door is open or closed.  But that alone isn’t the only benefit of installing smart technology on your garage. Here are some additional perks that garage door smart technology provides:

  • Energy Efficiency: Whenever not in use, the smart garage door opener can be completely switched off. Garage door openers that are not smart connected are permanently switched on while they standby for remote activation. That means they are always drawing power. A smart system will reduce your use of electricity, saving you money.
  • Status Monitoring: Through the connected application on your mobile devices, you can receive status alerts about when the door is opened or closed. Certain systems even allow you to see which garage door remote was used. Parents and families may find this useful because they can maintain awareness of schedules as the kids come home from school and let themselves into the house or a spouse gets home from work.
  • Added Security: You can lock down the garage so that no access is allowed at all. Nothing gets in or out without you granting access. This feature is useful if you’re leaving on a trip or simply prefer it for enhanced daily security while you’re away.

Upgrade Today

Interested in upgrading your garage door opener to include smart technology? The good news is you may be able to retrofit your existing system without needing to completely replace it. Call Precision Garage Door Service for a conversation with one of our experienced technicians:  951) 331-3254.