Why Springs Break on Garage Doors and How to Prevent It

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It can happen in an instant: the spring on your garage door snaps, and the door is no longer responsive when you try to open or close it. Garage door springs only last so long before they eventually need to be replaced. When the moment of truth happens, you will hear an unusual, loud noise – but you probably won’t see anything in the garage that is out of place. The most telling sign that your garage door spring is broken is that the door doesn’t seem to be working right and you can hear a strange sound when pushing the door opener button.

Why Garage Springs Break

Wear and tear on a garage door spring can happen for many reasons. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Product Defects: Most springs are designed to last for years, but a problem in the manufacturing process could reduce the lifespan of the spring. For example, torsion springs might have low-quality galvanization, which can result in the development of rust and cause the spring to break.
  • Improper Calibration: Poor installation of the spring could increase the wear and tear every time the door moves up and down. Even though the garage door can open and close, undue pressure is placed on the spring. Eventually, it will snap under pressure.
  • Environmental Conditions: The outdoor weather can play a role in how long it takes before a garage door spring breaks. For example, springs in areas with higher humidity can speed up the development of rust, which leads to damage.
  • Improper Maintenance: Every garage door and associated parts require a bit of maintenance to ensure they last for a while. We recommend that you are consistent with regular maintenance to ensure that all parts are lubricated to reduce the friction when the door is moving.
  • Number of Uses: Springs come with a specified number of cycles, usually between 10,000 – 2,5000 cycles per year. The more you open and close the garage, the sooner the spring will break.

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