What Is the Paleo Diet?

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Paleo diet

Every few years, a new health craze sweeps the nation, and it seems everyone you know adjusts their diet to meet new criteria. Lately you’ve probably heard a lot about the Paleo diet, and you might be wondering whether changing your eating regimen could benefit your health.

The idea behind the Paleo eating plan is that we modern humans have invented a lot of extra “stuff” that doesn’t belong in our diets. People who follow the Paleo diet strive to eliminate processed foods that stray too far from nature, and consume only foods that early humans would have eaten. This means that Paleo enthusiasts focus heavily on fish, meat, fruits, nuts, and some vegetables, and avoid things like grain products, dairy, and processed (packaged) foods.

“Wait a minute”, you might be thinking. “Dairy is pretty close to nature, and grains are a common crop… What’s wrong with those?”

The idea is to eat what early humans would have eaten. We’re talking pre-agriculture here, and no one gathered wheat in the forest or ran up to lactating animals to milk them! It’s not exactly that these foods aren’t “natural enough”, but that we created them without thought to whether they were appropriate for our digestive systems. So the idea is that the modern diet is based off of foods that we really can’t properly digest, and that a return to an early human diet is more natural and healthy.

So does it work? Well, one good thing about the Paleo diet is that there is a heavy focus on protein. And since protein is important in most weight loss plans, you could conceivably lose weight on the Paleo diet. Another huge bonus is the elimination of processed and packaged foods; those aren’t good for anyone, anyway! Greater focus on fruits and vegetables is another plus, because most of us don’t eat enough produce as it is. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that fight various diseases, too.

So will a Paleo diet help you live longer, or stay healthier? Well, there isn’t any hard scientific proof of that. But a lot of people report success with the Paleo diet, saying they’ve lost weight and feel better. For some of us, having a theme to our diet plan helps us to stay motivated, so there’s nothing wrong with “eating like a cave man” if that’s what inspires you to eat healthier foods. Many Paleo followers also enjoy the support, particularly online, of being part of a group pursuing a common goal.

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