Why a Doorbell Camera Should be Included on a Home Security System

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The front doorway is a space on your home where it is important to manage the activity that happens throughout the day. Whether you have packages coming from online shopping or you want to know who is at the door when the bell rings, it can be beneficial to take a look at the camera to see who is outside.

As you are designing a security system for your home or office, and entry door camera is a must-have. You can choose a CCTV system with an overhead camera. Or, consider the option to integrate a doorbell camera that works with the rest of the security system.

See Who is at the Door… From Anywhere

Even if you aren’t at home, you can always see who’s at the door. The visitor can ring the doorbell, then you will receive a notification on your smartphone that someone is on your porch. You can look at the video feed to see what is happening at the door. If you are home, this camera will help you decide if you want to answer the door or skip the conversation because a solicitor is outside.

Protect Packages on the Doorstep

When a package is delivered, there is a risk that someone will pick it up before you have a chance to retrieve the package. Doorstep security monitoring can help you keep an eye on the deliveries, which reduces the risk of theft. If suspicious activity occurs, then you have documentation that can be used for distribution to the local police department or neighbors as necessary.

At the same time, thieves might be deterred if they see cameras on the doorstep. These people are often looking for easy targets, so they avoid homes that have a camera system in place to reduce the risk of getting caught.

A doorbell camera is just one part of the overall security system that should be installed. If you are looking for ways to protect your home or business, then it is important that you are proactive with the installation of a good security system. For more information, contact John Snow, ADT Corporate Custom Home Services Division, jrsnow@adt.com, 760-404-5701