Hair Recovery: 3 Tips for Revitalizing Damaged Hair

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Is damaged hair dragging down your style? If your hair is damaged, you are not only dealing with split ends, but the hair is likely frizzy and hard to manage because of cracks that develop on the cuticle (outside layer) of the hair.

Danielle Roy

Acappella Suites

If your hair is brittle and dry, then it’s time to change your habits so that you can enjoy beautiful, shiny, smooth hair. Here are a few treatments and hair care tips that can help with the recovery of your damaged hair:

  1. Switch to Professional Products: Your hair will take a beating if you choose shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye from the grocery store. These products contain ingredients that might seem fine at first, but they lead to damage over time. The chemical ingredients can remove the natural moisture in your hair cuticles and lead to breakage and damage. For better results, toss those low-quality bottles in the garbage and choose brands provided by your hairstylist instead.
  2. Reduce the Heat: Every time you turn on the blow dryer or add a few curls with an iron, the heat can cook the fibers in the hair and make it more prone to damage. If you need to dry your hair, try using cool or medium heat instead of turning the dryer to the hottest setting. Also, go without styling when possible to give your hair a break. If you need to use styling tools, then it is best to apply a heat protection product in your hair first.
  3. Call Your Hairdresser: Certain hair treatments can be done in the salon to help you enjoy beautiful, healthy hair. Not only will a haircut help by getting rid of the damaged ends, but you can also choose add-on treatments such as a deep conditioner or hair mask treatment. These products will help to protect against more damage in the future.

Working with an experienced hairstylist is essential if you want to maintain beautiful, healthy hair. For more information about the best personalized treatment plan for your needs, call Danielle Wohltman-Roy, a Professional Hair Dresser and Senior Stylist at Acappella Suites: (951) 676-5980