How to Keep the House Clean During Summer Vacation

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It’s that time of year: the weather is warming up, and the kids are out of school. Many parents are looking at the upcoming months with hope for a good summer. Are you ready to have the kid’s home throughout the day?

One challenge that many parents experience during summer is trying to keep the house clean. With the kids’ home, it is common for the house to be a little messier. Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the mess:

Pick Up Every DayHow to Keep the House Clean During Summer Vacation

Even a little bit of cleanup work can go a long way. Try to pick up the toys before bed, so that you wake up to a clean house in the morning. Focus on one room at a time instead of trying to clean the entire house at once. If you are consistent with these efforts, then it is much easier to maintain a clean space at home.

Enlist the Help of the Kids

Just because the kids are on summer break, doesn’t mean that they can’t help around the house! Put together a chore chart to get help with the house. Consider the age of each child and assign chores that are appropriate for their skill level. Kids can pick up toys, load the dishwasher, clean their room, vacuum, and more.

Hire a Professional

If you are too busy, and you can’t keep up with it all, then you might consider the benefits of hiring a maid service. Cleaning services can be adjusted to match your needs and desires, and you can set a schedule that best fits your family. Consider a house cleaning service every other week to give the home a facelift and get ahead of the deep cleaning. It is much easier to keep the house clean between the bi-weekly  services, especially since you don’t have to worry about the big cleaning tasks.

To keep your house clean and enjoy your summer even more, contact Trish Duarte and Ed Kennedy at MaidPro of Temecula/Murrieta for more information about professional cleaning services: (951) 506-6100