How to Solve a Fruit Fly Problem

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Summer comes around, and the back door is constantly open with kids going in and out. While it may be nice outside, flies prefer to make it inside to your kitchen. The last thing you want is fruit flies zooming around as you serve dinner. So what can you do about the fruit fly problem?

The truth is that fruit flies don’t always get in from the outside. In fact, they could be multiplying right inside your house. You can swat them or shoo them out the door, but that won’t take care of the breeding sites.

Fruit flies lay eggs on fruit, spilled soda, or sticky residue at the bottom of a trash can. Then the flies multiply and never seem to go away.

7 Tips for Shooing Away Flies for Good

The best thing you can do is disinfect and eliminate any breeding grounds for fruit flies. This can also include wet and damp areas. Once you thoroughly inspect your kitchen and home, you can keep the door shut and the flies out for the summer.

Take a look at what you can do to prevent flies from multiplying inside your home:

  1. Clean up any stick residue in the pantry, under the rug, and in the fruit basket.
  2. Store fruit inside the refrigerator.
  3. Clean under the refrigerator.
  4. Spray out the bottom of the trash can.
  5. Thoroughly dry the kitchen mop after use.
  6. Do not leave a pile of wet rags.
  7. Check for a leak under the kitchen sink.

These simple tips will keep your home free from all the buzzing flies so you can enjoy the summer in your cool, pest-free home. Once you have finished an inspection and cleaning, work on continual prevention practices, cleaning up spills as they occur. Finally, let the whole family know about the importance of a sticky-free kitchen.

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