Which is Better: A Double Garage Door or Two Single Doors?

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Designing a new home and not sure whether a double or two single doors will be better for you? There are pros and cons to each style in terms of function and aesthetics. Here are a few things to think about before you decide.

  • Garage Door Breakdowns: Choosing to install a double garage door could cause problems if it ever breaks down and cannot be opened. In this case, you may be unable to take either car out of the garage. If you install two single doors and one of them breaks down, the other door will likely open and you will be able to get one car out.
  • Heat and Humidity: In our Southern California climate, you can reduce the amount of heat and humidity that comes into the garage by installing two single doors. If you air condition your garage, this benefit will save on energy and cost.
  • Appearance: From an architectural point of view, two single doors are more attractive than a double door. The human eye is drawn to prominent features of a home. Having a large garage door, especially at the front of the home, will be a natural focal point. If you wish to improve aesthetics, go with two single garage doors to break up the size and lines of the home design.
  • Cost: The price of installing a double door versus two single garage doors is relatively the same. There are some differences in price on account of the narrow wall build out and the cost of a second garage door opener. But these costs are not prohibitive in any meaningful way.
  • Access: Entry bay widths for two single garage doors are smaller. Keep in mind that this could limit the size of the vehicle or other items that you may wish to store in your garage.

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